Yiwu – World’s Largest Consumer Goods Markets

Yiwu: All of China. All in One Place.

“Yiwu market is the world’s largest wholesale market of general merchandise.”

The United Nations & The World Bank

RUKUTAI’s world-exclusive monthly China group business tours for business owners and entrepreneurs include 7 days and 6 nights in Yiwu, China.

Staying at the luxurious Shangri-La Yiwu hotel, RUKUTAI’S China business tour participants each receive their own private, professional product sourcing negotiator and translator for five full pays in Yiwu to search, source and secure the product(s) they plan to generate massive profits from.

Some Key Yiwu Market Business Fun-Facts:

  • It is officially called the China Yiwu International Trade City and is comprised of five adjoining “Districts” that specialise in different goods/products. It also encompasses other local market districts like Yiwu Binwang Market; Yiwu Furniture Market; and Yiwu Material & Construction Market
  • It covers 59 million square feet of factory/wholesale selling space
  • It boasts over 75,000 factory-owned stores
  • It features over 100,000 supplier exhibits
  • Its markets sell over 4,200 different categories of goods
  • Its factory stores export to over 215 countries worldwide
  • It hosts over 150,000 international owner-buyers every day

Yiwu is the heart of the “world’s largest factory” (China). Over 90% of its stores are factory-owned and most products they display are in stock and can be delivered overseas within 1-2 weeks.

Top 18 Markets in Yiwu

  • 1. Jewellery
  • 2. Artificial Flowers
  • 3. Toys
  • 4. Arts & Crafts
  • 5. Suitcases & Bags
  • 6. Clocks & Watches
  • 7. Rainwear & Umbrellas
  • 8. Office & School Supplies
  • 9. Sports & Outdoor Equipment
  • 10. Cosmetics
  • 11. Socks
  • 12. Belts
  • 13. Towels
  • 14. Shoes
  • 15. Daily Use Products
  • 16. Gloves & Mittens
  • 17. Hats & Caps
  • 18. Scarves & Shawls

Yiwu International Trade City - District 5

Yiwu International Trade City - District 4

International Trade City - District 3

Yiwu International Trade City - District 2

Yiwu International Trade City - District 1

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Fill this out and we’ll do the rest. The more detailed your specifications and information, the better we can help you. We will respond to your request within 1-2 days. It takes time, manpower and China resources in sourcing, researching and pricing your product(s) from reputable potential suppliers.


RUKUTAI’s exclusive China sourcing partner has negotiated client contracts with over 50,000 China wholesalers and factories – and ships more than 10,000 containers of products every year to international clients. With more than 500 English-speaking staff, its biggest clients include Amazon, Coca-Cola, Mercedes Benz, Costco, Target, Budweiser, Heineken, Bank of America, Overstock and Carrefour.


RUKUTAI charges a one-time, USD$500 product sourcing service fee that is 100% credited to your first paid order of USD$10,000 or more for product(s) only. RUKUTAI China business group tour participants do NOT pay the product sourcing service fee.


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