Why Rukutai

Why Rukutai

RUKUTAI’s two principal owners have long distinguished themselves as effective international “relationship brokers” – specializing in merging China-related business interests to benefit companies around the world.

RUKUTAI was invited by People’s Republic of China (PRC) officials to establish a business in China in 2006. In February, 2007, RUKUTAI was granted a coveted 20-year Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE) China business licence. That authorised us to conduct business in seven (7) different sectors of commerce – International Trade, Education, Travel, Technology, Financial Investments, Immigration and Environmental Management.

RUKUTAI’s massive leverage lies in its exclusive partnerships with China’s largest product sourcing company and with FLIGHT CENTRE BUSINESS TRAVEL, one of the world’s largest travel agency groups. Specifically:

  • RUKUTAI is the only company in the world our China sourcing partner will exclusively provide each and every one of our RUKUTAI group tour participants with specially trained sourcing negotiators; pre-and-post-tour VIP complete sourcing follow-up services from the smallest to the largest business owners – because of the collective China purchasing power of our China business tour participants.
  • FLIGHT CENTRE BUSINESS TRAVEL, with total revenues over $19 BILLION, provide all RUKUTAI China client’s exclusive FREE packages or services they charge others for.

The VIP focus and attention to detail you receive is exclusively because you are part of RUKUTAI’s group and organisation. On your own, the amount you spend buying your China products generally determines the level of service and personal attention you receive from any major sourcing company. Together, the millions of dollars in the collective buying power of RUKUTAI’s tour group participants – representing separate businesses of all sizes – guarantees serious personal VIP attention to you and every participating owner or entrepreneur.

RUKUTAI’s exclusive China sourcing partner has buying power and price negotiating leverage NO other sourcing company has. That’s the unparalleled and unique advantage RUKUTAI and our China sourcing partner offers all our clients.

In short, RUKUTAI and our China-based product sourcing team will help you negotiate the lowest possible prices. Our unequalled quality control inspections in China verify all your shipments meet your specific product specifications. They will oversee independent inspection of private-label (OEM) products upon request; handle all shipping; insurance; Customs clearances; and delivery right to your office/warehouse.

ACT NOW. Building trust and relationships with trustworthy wholesale traders and manufacturers in China is best achieved by travelling to China, sourcing your products and negotiating your best-possible deals with professional sourcing negotiators and translators working exclusively for you. RUKUTAI provides you more opportunities to cultivate new business relationships in a country that will help grow and develop your business like no other.

RUKUTAI knows and understands firsthand how to operate a successful China-related business. We have established excellent relationships and extensive networks in and out of China to ensure you will work only with the most professional, reliable, well-established factory suppliers.

Statement from Rukutai’s Co-Founders

We offer the opportunity to all business owners. entrepreneurs, cottage industry and family boutique companies to develop and elevate their businesses utilising our extensive China networks and resources.

Our journey into China began in 2003. We learned that, above anything else, the importance of establishing and building trust and relationships is fundamental to conducting successful business in China. We embrace China’s business culture of “GUANXI”.

As a family-owned business, we invite YOU to travel with us on this journey to becoming Self-Reliant – one that will benefit you and your family for years to come. Business seminars, conferences, video tutorials or text book-studies can never give you a true picture of what you can see, experience, taste, feel and achieve in growing your business by sourcing products in person with experts in China.

We will help you tell your business life story, integrate international business standards and take your business to another level. Our exclusive China group business tours will be the best investment you will ever make by traveling to China with us. We will introduce you to trustworthy companies that will make a difference in your lives — as it did for us.

We weathered the storms and challenges in China and gladly share our wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Come with us to another place and time. We fell in love with China years ago. In all our travels, we can personally attest it’s one of the best ways to take your business where it hasn’t been before.”

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: The RUKUTAI web site sound effects were composed, performed and used with permission by whaea Michelley Waihape Keefe-Tai Shelz from Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. It depicts the music of the Kōauau, a traditional Maori nose flute. Kōauau are usually made from wood, bone or stone and acknowledges the Iwi tribal links of the RUKUTAI name from one of the co-founder’s Great grandmother (Tupuna -Hapu Ngati Hikiroa, Waipapa Marae, Kawhia, Ko Maniapoto, Potatau), NGAMO RUKUTAI.

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Fill this out and we’ll do the rest. The more detailed your specifications and information, the better we can help you. We will respond to your request within 1-2 days. It takes time, manpower and China resources in sourcing, researching and pricing your product(s) from reputable potential suppliers.


RUKUTAI’s exclusive China sourcing partner has negotiated client contracts with over 50,000 China wholesalers and factories – and ships more than 10,000 containers of products every year to international clients. With more than 500 English-speaking staff, its biggest clients include Amazon, Coca-Cola, Mercedes Benz, Costco, Target, Budweiser, Heineken, Bank of America, Overstock and Carrefour.


RUKUTAI charges a one-time, USD$500 product sourcing service fee that is 100% credited to your first paid order of USD$10,000 or more for product(s) only. RUKUTAI China business group tour participants do NOT pay the product sourcing service fee.


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