"Carolyne is very knowledgeable about the situation in China and has excellent contacts there. With her business background in New Zealand and business ties in the U.S. and elsewhere, she's an excellent bridge to China."

David Cohen, USA

"I have known Carolyne Schwenke on both a professional basis for a number of years. Over this period of time I have observed her to be a highly intelligent and skilled professional, who applies the highest levels of commitment to a project. She applies an astonishing level of clarity to the successful prosecution and resolution of business issues whilst maintaining absolute levels of integrity. Carolyne demonstrates a level of professional ethics to her work that is rarely seen in contemporary society."

Dahvida Falanitule, China

"I've followed Reg for more than 15 years. This man has an authentic interest in helping others. One of the most passionate individuals I've been associated with. It would be an honor to be named as one of his friends. I hope I can continue to help him help others. Keep up the good work, Reg!"

John MacNaught, USA

"Reg and his team were great partners in connecting with and providing the manufacturing services needed for supplying a large order of custom made tables and chairs (China) for a new restaurant and special event facility we built. We continue to partner on other key elements of our expansion plans as well. It's been a very positive experience from the very beginning."

Von Orgill, USA

I don't usually promo commercial ventures, but this one is an exception because I know their track record of trust and success working in China. This is an escorted group shopping trip to China I think that's a lot of fun! Fun aside, if you're in business/an entrepreneur, and serious about breaking into, and understanding the China market, understanding the appropriate business and cultural etiquette, does and don'ts, what not to do to offend, I highly recommend Rukutai's tours. When I get some space to do so, their tours are on my to do list within the next year or two. Rukutai have worked and lived in China for some time and they know what you need to do in business and diplomacy, they have excellent contacts and networks. And most importantly in China, after all that, they hold valid business licences across a number of sectors that allow them to operate legally with the approval of China Govt.

Vie Sio, New Zealand

Carolyne is an outstanding business partner, trusted friend and confidante. We have been engaged in various business endeavors for more than three years. Carolyne conducts herself professionally with an eye for detail. She is calm and assertive with exceptional negotiation skills. She has excellent entrepreneurial instincts and business acumen. Most importantly, she is results-oriented and is a pleasure to work with.

Sunny Xu, China

I have known Reg for over twenty years as a colleague working at the Polynesian Cultural Center and we have remained colleagues since. When I think of Reg, the word "professional" comes to my mind. He is class act and professional in his actions, his writings, and his job. There is no one that I know of that has put us on the map, that has connected us with the President of the United States, that has been the ultimate ambassador for the Polynesian Cultural Center than Reg. He is a doer and keeps to his promises. He is a wonderful and faithful husband to his wife. His wife and children are his highest priorities. He loves people and enjoys making new friends. In this challenging world with severe problems, Reg is a breath of fresh air. He is what the world needs. He is destined to be a dynamic and caring leader for the 21st century.

Bobby Akoi, Hawaii

I have known Carolyne for some time now, I have noticed her hospitality, her proactive, professional, "can do" attitude and her eagerness to help others. I know Carolyne can help any teams or companies to win business opportunities.

Tony Tao, China

I have the honor of working with Reg when he was the editor/publisher of Total Blue Magazine. I wrote a monthly column for Reg and it was a great magazine. His dedication to his profession and level of enthusiasm is infectious. Reg is a great writer and a total professional, completely dedicated to his profession. I recommend him without reservation.

Jeff Ruffolo, China

Reg displays great professionalism in all his work. He communicates clearly and brings out the best in people. He's not afraid to venture into various areas and expand his presence. He has been a wonderful mentor to me.

Keilani (Navalta) Briones, Hawaii

Client Testimonials about Rukutai's China Sourcing Partner's Services and Results

There are too many export agents in Guangzhou. But I want to say, it is too difficult to find a professional agent like AIGC. I have changed 4 agents. Why I changed? The 1st ex-agent changes my items to similar items (low quality and low price). The 2nd ex-agent always delays the delivery time and answers my email after 5 to 7 days. The 3rd ex-agent does not know what I mean every time. I want to say, their English is too poor. AIGC is my 4th agent in Guangzhou. They are much better, reliable and professional.

Albert, UK

Product Quality is most important for us. AIGC team does inspection and quality control very strictly. They open each carton one by one and give me QC report. They help us add inner box, print colored catalogue. They are the best agent in Guangzhou.

Bush, USA

This trip I been here together with my husband, we are the wholesaler seller in Poland, and this is the first time we been Guangzhou. We flied at Hongkong almost at 15:00, the driver and the employee were waiting us at the airport gate and then took us to Guangzhou. Total 6 days stayed in Guangzhou, we visited many different clothing markets, and we found many cheap but high quality clothing here. we finished all our task, even to visit some other places in Guangzhou And they worked very quickly to deal with our order, arranging the container, after we arrived at Poland five days later, we received our goods. I felt really satisfied with their service.

Henry, Poland

We have one ceramics products store in Fiji. We import our products only from Shantou market. The price is competitive. Our customers like new designs. So I need come to Shantou to choose new designs every year. we arrived first at Guangzhou, and then we talked with AIGC in details about the details of the ceramics we are looking for, the materials, the colors… everything… and she listend to us attentionally, took the notes, and just at the morning of the next day, Tulip and the driver took us to Shantou ceramics Wholesale markets to pick, we found that the ceramics here is very cheap, fashionable, high quality. this is exact the market we are seeking around the world.  Really appreaciated for AIGC, for their best service, and profesional knowledge.

Marie, Fiji

Guangzhou market is tooooooo huge. I want to say Guangzhou market is much bigger than our country. here are many different and special markets for clothing, shoes, bags, digital products, building materials, furniture, jewlry…., you can find everything here, everything is cheaper than other countris in the world. I came to Guangzhou in 2008 and 2010. Thanks for AIGC help.

James B., Cook Islands

We have 3 shops for baby items in Trinidad and Tobago. We came to Guangzhou start from 2005. We changed our ex-agent and cooperated with AIGC in 2011, and we have cooperated with AIGC for 4 years, this is a reliable and efficient company.

Jerry, Trinidad

I am Chinese. Our family lives in Aruba for more than 10 years. I have a shop in Aruba. We export from Guangzhou 3 or 4 containers each year. I have no time to Guangzhou, but AIGC helps me with everything, I just need to send them the information of the products by the internet, and then they find the same ones in the markets with low cost and good quality., which saves me many money and time.

Alex H, Aruba

We are an import company mainly do promotional gifts in Bahrain. Our quantity of the goods is not too big, we just buy different items with little quantiy, We cooperate with AIGC start from 2007. and they never disappointed us, they send us exact the items we have ordered.

Pierre, Bahrain

We are leading artificial flowers companies in Brazil. We export from Guangzhou at least 10 containers. AIGC is our agent in China from 2008.

David, Brazil

We are big chain supermarkets in South America. We have 56 stores in Brazil, Argentina, Columbia, Chile, etc. We (a group of six to eight) come to Guangzhou every 2 months. AIGC offers us one stop solution services: pick up us from Guangzhou Baiyun airport, translators (English, Spanish, and Portuguese) guide us in the market and factories in other cities, inspection and quality control, ship containers.

Gaston, South America

We are top3 office and school supplies in Poland. Our companies founded in 1920s. We attend Canton Fair in Guangzhou every year start from 1958. Guangzhou market is a good place for sourcing new items, small MOQ, fast delivery.

Constantin, Poland

We are jewelry and fashion accessories wholesaler in Italy. We cooperate with our agent AIGC for 4 years. We have our own brand. We need Italian language marks, labels, inner boxes, manuals. AIGC does them very well every time.

Fernand, Italy

I am from Senegal. Our family has 2 convenience stores in our city. I can speak only a little English. I worried about language barrier before I came to Guangzhou China. When I found AIGC, then I enjoyed my Guangzhou trip.

Bessemer, Senegal

We import shoes from Guangzhou market and Jinjiang to Brazil. It is very difficult to find a reliable agent company which has employees who can speak Portuguese languages. We are lucky that we find AIGC. They guide us in Guangzhou market and help us in the shoe’s factories.

Gabriela, Brazil

We came to Guangzhou first time in 2005. We have a dollar store in Canada. The ex-agent is good; we cooperate with them for 5 years. We tried one 40ft container with AIGC in Mar. 2010. AIGC is better. We import 6 to 8 x 40ft HQ every year. AIGC is our ONLY one agent in Guangzhou now. I introduced my friend Nick who does belts business came to AIGC office in Oct. 2010.

Lily, Canada

I am John from South Africa. I am running three jewelry shops in South Africa with my partner. We started our business two years ago. I used to purchase in local market. After I read a piece of news about Guangzhou market, I became interested in it. I discussed with my friends, and then we decided to take a journey to Guangzhou China. I found an export agent on Internet and told them the time I went to China. They booked the four stars hotel for me… The next day, the staffs of AIGC were waiting for me downstairs when I finished my breakfast. Then we went to the office to talk about the details of agent service. The agent places the order and delivers the goods to my country. Everything went well in the office. By the way, the coffee of AIGC tasted good. Then we went to the market by car with two translators. It was my first to Guangzhou and also China. So I knew nothing about the market. I must show my gratitude to the two translators for their hard-working. Without their help, I could not find what I really want in China. They are very familiar with the market. Every time when I wanted to see something, they could take me to those shops. I talked to the shop owners about the details. I felt very easy staying in the market. He translator handled everything for me. I just chose what I wanted. That was all I should do. After I came back to the hotel, the agent sent me the quotation and other details to me. The four days’ business in China is much more convenient than ever before. After I went back to China, They handled export details for me. I am sure that I will go to China again.

John, South Africa

My name is Alex from USA. We are running five antique shops. I used to purchase over the world, especially China for it is a country has five thousand years’ civilization. And I have been China for couple of years. One of my Chinese friends told me I should talk a journey to Guangzhou Market. At last, I decided to go to Guangzhou. I am not familiar with Guangzhou Market and the city. So my friend suggested me to find an agent in Guangzhou. Then I got the agent from the Internet. The agent company let two guides go with me when I went shopping. I told the translator what I need. They can take me to those shops. They are very familiar with the market. With their guide, I have found the amazing market on the fourth floor in district one. The shop owners displays all kinds of antique, decoration articles, oil paintings vases and so on in their showrooms. More importantly, the price is lower than other places I had been to because most of them are direct sales from factory. After I came back to my country, the agent handled everything for me including placing the order and delivery. The business became easier with the service of the agent. What’s more, when I want more, it is unnecessary for me to go back to Yiwu market. The agent can handle everything in China for me. They place the order and deliver the goods to USA. I got more profits since the cost is lower. And it is unnecessary for me to pay for the expensive plane tickets. I can save more money. My business is becoming better and better. I am thinking about opening another shop. May be next time I need 2 x 40ft containers instead of 1 x 20ft container.

Alex, USA

Thanks for your professionalism – AIGC. My partner and I are very satisfied of our visit in Guangzhou. Thanks Ms. Lucy. Be Very familiar with the market and products, great in English-Chinese translation, careful in purchasing & taking photos. Thanks AIGC, so many well-trained staffs. And thanks AIGC, the boss of AIGC. Are you looking for a place to buy general merchandise with cheap wholesale price? Look no further than Guangzhou market.

Stephan E., USA

Guangzhou market impressed me at the first time. The commodities made me daze. The business had ever made me exhausted. Now AIGC makes it very easy for me. We have a chain supermarket. Every three months, I used to go to many cities to purchase. One of friends told me that maybe I should go to Guangzhou to take a look. And he introduced his agent to me. I was busy going from shops to shops. The translators from AIGC handled everything for me. After I went back, the agent placed the order and exported to our country. Now, it is unnecessary for me to go many cities of China. I can find everything in Guangzhou market. And the price is lower and the delivery is becoming more

Miriam Wisebull, UK

My name is Jacky. The journey to Guangzhou market is very impressive. I would like to share the experience with you. I heard about Guangzhou market a few months ago. After I contacted with my agent AIGC, I took airplane to Guangzhou China. The agent company sent the driver to pick me up from Guangzhou Baiyun airport. I felt comfortable to stay in this four stars hotel. It is very convenient because there are luxurious restaurants, barber shop, gymnasium and so on. The next day, after I finished my breakfast, the boss AIGC and his staff were waiting for me downstairs. Firstly, we went to their office together and talked about the business with AIGC. Everything went well in the office. After all the business details were agreed, the translators TT and Steven, a beautiful girl and a handsome boy, took me to the market by the MPV. At the first sight of the market, I was shocked. I have never seen the market bigger and more amazing than this one. We went directly to the district I want to purchase. On the 1st in district 1, there are full of fluffy toys and animal toys. I talked to the shop assistant and ask the price, packing details, and quality. TT and Steven took photos and wrote down the details on the notebook. We went around and around the market till midday. Then we had lunch in the restaurant inside the market. Chinese food is very delicious. If you don’t like Chinese food, there are some western restaurants on the fourth floor. After I finished shopping, the driver took me to the hotel. The agent placed the order and delivered the goods to my country after I went back home. It is very convenient for the business.

Jacky, Portugal

For me, I am totally fine. Who is me? I am Ewan from USA doing business of toy and school supply wholesales. I am not good at doing business with high pressure from inner competition in the US. But what, I find a way to avoid that and even do business better and easier with a competitive pricing. By accident, I come across a friend from China. Maybe he just wants to practice her English. By the way, he occurs me to have a look in China and meanwhile find the potential in Chinese market. After searching I figure out that there are many Guangzhou agents or import & export companies in Guangzhou. I choose one according to its high professionalism and low cost. It is AIGC company. I have wondered what I should do if they are not friendly and always care about my money. But the truth is that they are so friendly and show their respect on me. The best service I’ve ever met happened to me. Maybe you don’t believe, but I don’t care. What exactly I care about is to show people how AIGC do to me. Through it, I purchase a lot of products with ok quality but lower price than that in USA. Obviously, my business is stronger, even though the economic crisis still affects the confidence in the markets. But it seems to an opportunity for me to sell the dollar item products. And it sells so well that I have to contact AIGC all the time. They can arrange the goods for me shipped to USA. Of course, sometimes I go there have a purchase. That is amazing! As friends, hope AIGC be more successful, and keep doing on the first rate service indeed.

Ewan, USA

My name is Kevin from USA running a supermarket. To be frankly, it is not a bad experience in getting commodities from internal wholesalers. But after connecting with AIGC and spending a week in Guangzhou China, I realize the cost I have to stand is much lower than that in the US. Having the cooperation with AIGC, there is a big profit I can get from this relationship, which increases by 50%. Under the crisis, I would not be afraid, cuz I find a way to be competitive with the protection of lower price but still high quality from AIGC. Now for the business, I have regular trips to go to Guangzhou China. If I have no time, it doesn’t matter. Just a call or an email, AIGC will help me out. Oops. The secret should not be revealed.

Kevin, USA

I am Jack from Sweden. I have three shops in my country focusing on daily life supplies. Usually I purchase on Internet with international supplies. However, it takes us much time and also the quality cannot be guaranteed. One day when I came across a piece of news about the Guangzhou Market. I become interested in this market and the productions. There are lots of factories around this city and this province. So the commercial is flourishing with all kinds of commodities. At last, I decided to have a journey to Guangzhou China. Before this journey, I contacted with AIGC. The company arranged the hotel and let two translators go shopping with me. I chose the commodities then the company helped me place the order and delivered the goods to Sweden after I came back. It’s very convenient for me. They are very professional. The commission is affordable. The first time was the try order. Some sold well, others not. Then at the next time, I continued to place the well-selling ones and see some new modes

Jack, Sweden

I am Colum McCann from Canada having three stores in different parts of Toronto. It sounds great to tell you how to get more profits like me. Let’s share!!!!!!!!!! It is a small business, under the crisis, which seems hard for me to insist. But maybe I am a lucky guy. Unconsciously, I connected with AIGC in Guangzhou China which is famous for various products satisfied business man like me to buy all range of products there. With a sense of having a try, I went to AIGC and spent almost 2 weeks in Guangzhou China. What I find in that trip is that the price will be very competitive and the profits will boom to top. Where is the top? Anyway, a big one.

Colum, Canada

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