Rukutai Referral Bonus

Rukutai Referral Bonus

Others talk. RUKUTAI Delivers.

Earn a $200 one-time Rukutai Referral (RR) bonus by simply helping your business owner and entrepreneur contacts when they pay to participate in one of our exclusive upcoming RUKUTAI China group business tours.

That’s right, you get paid $200 (AUD including GST) just by helping your contacts to source, buy and ship products from China after they have participated in one of our upcoming RUKUTAI China business group tours.

Contact them first to confirm they are definitely interested. RUKUTAI’s role is NOT to sell, but simply verify the features and long-term business benefits of participating in our exclusive China business group tours.

Please submit your Referral’s accurate contact information below and we will do the rest. We will pay your RR AUD$200 referral bonus after the RUKUTAI China tour your RR contact participates in.

The RR Bonus is limited exclusively to our monthly RUKUTAI China business group tour packages only. We will pay this bonus to the first person to submit the name, company and contact information. There is NO additional compensation.

RUKUTAI has multiple social media advertising and marketing initiatives that will generate interest from potential clients. ACT NOW. BE FIRST.

Get Paid to Help Others Save Thousands of Dollars.

Share your Referral contact details and we’ll do the rest.

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