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China Factory Sourcing

Based on our clients’ products needs and requests, RUKUTAI and our China sourcing partner will organise individual factory tours and pre-arranged factory production meetings to selected, reputable factories.

We will also establish communications links to work together with our China sourcing partner to discuss, design, negotiate, produce and deliver high quality or private-label (OEM) custom goods exclusively for your company.

RUKUTAI’s exclusive Factory Sourcing Tours, to China’s largest factory city in Guangzhou and surrounding cities, is specifically catered for business owners looking to establish direct, quality factory production links for Full-Container-Load (FCL) order quantities – at substantial savings.

RUKUTAI and our China sourcing partner have established reliable and trustworthy networks in China over the past 10-plus years for you to tap into and minimize your risks.

From the many companies we’ve assisted from inside and outside China, we understand the importance of working with reliable and reputable factory suppliers.

In the “Research” Stage, Rukutai and our China sourcing partner will:

  • Check the China market for ISO 9001 or ISO 14001 government import-certified manufacturers for client product needs.
  • Shortlist the best factories to visit.

Before your Factory Sourcing Tour, we will arrange:

  • Invitation letter from China (necessary for Chinese Business Visa application).
  • Select and schedule separate factory visits with personal translator/price negotiator.
  • Coordinate appointments with factory officials.

China Supervision & Support:

You will be accompanied by a professional Chinese translator/price negotiator with good oral English and understanding of China business practices who will:

  • Prepare or adjust daily schedule.
  • Provide relevant information and documentation.
  • Accompany clients to factory tours and business meetings.
  • Ensure clients do NOT pay higher ‘foreigner’ prices.

After-tour Factory Production Coordination:

RUKUTAI’s China sourcing partner will:

  • Assist clients in negotiating the lowest-possible manufacturing pricing with factories to ensure they are getting the best deal.
  • Coordinate development and production of client-approved samples with the factory they select.
  • Provide factory quality control checks during the production stage.
  • Coordinate shipping, Customs clearance and delivery to client warehouse/offices.
  • Perform background checks on potential suppliers at client’s request.

Quality Control Inspection Services:

RUKUTAI’s China sourcing partner will arrange professional quality control inspections of client goods during production or before shipment. Specifically, they will:

  • Check factory-produced samples for any defects or changes from client quality guidelines.
  • Review quality links during production stages.
  • Identify factory production weak links in the production system that may result in defective products.
  • Oversee product and component inspections before assembly.
  • Verify the final production meets client specifications – while providing ongoing communication updates to the client of any problems or challenges during this process.
  • Oversee final inspection of client products when the merchandise is completed, packed and ready for shipment. This pre-shipment inspection is performed to meet Quality Control standards established between the client and the factory.
  • Ensure clients merchandise meets contract specifications and is equivalent to the approved sample(s). Our quality control inspectors will randomly check samples to verify quantity, style, colour, workmanship, size, packing and shipping marks.

Key Points to Consider:

  • RUKUTAI and its China sourcing partner are NOT obliged to promote any specific factories, but to source the best manufacturer to produce your product(s).
  • There’s a lot more to importing from China than just the price.
  • Finding a capable, honest supplier you can trust to produce and ship quality products is critical to your success – not to mention protecting your Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).
  • Our China sourcing partner will inspect all shipments before they leave China and provide you with inspection results and pictures.
  • The biggest advantage of using RUKUTAI’s China sourcing partner is you will have experienced bi-lingual Chinese professionals handling the negotiations for you. This is much more effective – and far less expensive in the long run – than a foreign business owner trying to do it themselves.
  • RUKUTAI and its China sourcing partner not only sources products for you, but also coordinate shipping to your nearest Customs port; negotiate best prices with shipping companies; and provide one-stop sourcing solutions for you.
  • It is important to meet the people you will be working with BEFORE you place an order. Good relationships (or Guanxi in Chinese) play a critical role in business in China.
  • In factory tours, you can inspect manufacturing areas to see the raw material quality; production capabilities and capacity, workers’ skills; and each factory’s quality control process.
  • It is important to learn how much your factory manufacturer may subcontract their production to other factories or plants. The less the better.
  • You know your own business better than anyone else. Visiting your selected factory will help you minimise problems and ensure top quality prior to production.
  • The key to your business success is choosing the correct factory supplier. If you do not feel the company is 100% professional, do NOT proceed.
  • Make sure all product production details are clearly outlined in a contract – written in Chinese and English – and includes all illustrations/drawings and all specifications in detail.
  • If a production mold needs to be created, specify in the contract who owns the mold and the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).
  • Remember to focus on quality, not just price.

Rukutai & China Sourcing Partner Process

  • 1) Interest generated by RUKUTAI web site, word-of-mouth & sales and marketing initiatives
  • 2) Complete RUKUTAI Let’s Get Started form to confirm interest
  • 3) Submit RUKUTAI Product Sourcing Request with your product specifications or requirements
  • 4) Make full payment to confirm China tour
  • 5) Payment activates mandatory China Business Visa Invitation Letter from China
  • 6) Payment initiates advance China product sourcing search by RUKUTAI’s China sourcing partner
  • 7) Client applies for China business visa
  • 8) Client buys airline ticket to arrive/depart Guangzhou on start/end of tour dates
  • 9) RUKUTAI distributes final China tour itinerary to clients
  • 10) Guangzhou hotel check-in on tour start date
  • 11) Product Sourcing with private car/driver & business translator/negotiator
  • 12) Translator/guide prepares product photos, descriptions and pricing for client
  • 13) Each Translator/Guide prepares Price Quotation Sheet for client approval
  • 14) Client payment by TT, Western Union, L/C, OA to China sourcing partner
  • 15) Production and Quality Inspection process begins
  • 16) Purchased goods delivered to China sourcing partner warehouse
  • 17) Final inspection, consolidation & packing by China sourcing partner
  • 18) Full or Mixed Containers loaded by China sourcing partner
  • 19) Customs declarations prepared by China sourcing partner
  • 20) Shipping logistics at Departure & Destination Ports finalised
  • 21) Client documents: B/L., C/O, Invoice & Packing List sent
  • 22) Final shipment delivered to client warehouse/office location
  • 23) RUKUTAI copied on all communications to ensure expedited efficiency

Let’s Get Started

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Fill this out and we’ll do the rest. The more detailed your specifications and information, the better we can help you. We will respond to your request within 1-2 days. It takes time, manpower and China resources in sourcing, researching and pricing your product(s) from reputable potential suppliers.


RUKUTAI’s exclusive China sourcing partner has negotiated client contracts with over 50,000 China wholesalers and factories – and ships more than 10,000 containers of products every year to international clients. With more than 500 English-speaking staff, its biggest clients include Amazon, Coca-Cola, Mercedes Benz, Costco, Target, Budweiser, Heineken, Bank of America, Overstock and Carrefour.


RUKUTAI charges a one-time, USD$500 product sourcing service fee that is 100% credited to your first paid order of USD$10,000 or more for product(s) only. RUKUTAI China business group tour participants do NOT pay the product sourcing service fee.


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